Touchless Hand Sanitising Systems


This 3 in 1 sanitiser, paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle is ideal for an elegant washroom. It can be specified in many different markets such as commercial, industrial, hospitality and residential.

After washing hands thoroughly with soap and water you can progressively follow the steps to using a touchless sanitising system.

Step 1: Dry your hands with a paper towel
Step 2: Throw the paper towel in the waste receptacle compartment
Step 3: Sanitise

Sanitiser is dispensed from the built in 2 litre automatic spray dispenser, with the waste compartment able to hold up to 25 litres of waste.

We recommend our Bradley SA7009 Sanispray and 2004 hand towel for optimal performance.

Multiple finishes and mounting options are available such as matte black, polished stainless, recessed or surface mount.
Constructed of durable, long lasting stainless steel, this 3 in 1 unit makes it the perfect option for a high traffic area and brings a sense of elegance to the washroom. All while using touchless technology.