The Australian Workers Compensation statistics report of 2012-2013 has revealed some of the most alarming trends in workplace safety and the potentially devastating costs to Australian Businesses. Between 2000-2001 and 2012-2013 the median time lost from work for serious claim rose 29% from 4.2 working weeks in 2000–01 to 5.4 working weeks in 2011–12.

Even more dramatic are the figures showing compensation paid rose 71% from $5 200 in 2000–01 to $8 900 in 2011–12 (Table 22).

These statistics expose the single biggest financial threat to uninformed and under-prepared business owners. Further investigation reveals the disproportionate burden these increases are placing on SME businesses. Larger corporations and government departments employ OHS managers to oversee systems and protocols that not only protect the employees from harm, but protect the managers & owners from litigation and liability and the business from uninsured financial liability.

Non-compliance of OHS requirements and equipment is often the most overlooked can be the most dangerous liability in business by rendering insurances and protections void. Compliance in every sector is a minefield of detail in specification, process and communication and unfortunately one of those tasks that falls to the bottom of a business owner’s priority to-do list because it’s not an income generating activity. The trouble is that while it may not generate income, it has the uncanny ability to remove and dilute income.
The Australian workers compensation statistics report of 2012-2013 also identified the highest risk business sectors and those where the increase in cost and loss was greatest.

Median time lost by industry (% increase between 2002- 2012):
– Transport, postal and warehousing industry: 40% increase
– Electricity, gas, water & waste management: 60% increase
Median compensation paid by industry (% increase between 2002- 2012):
– Transport, postal and warehousing industry: 114% increase
– Electricity, gas, water & waste management: 146% increase
These figures are even more of a potential threat when cross referenced to the same analysis measured by “Mechanism of injury” – specifically Materials and substances:

Median time lost (% increase between 2002- 2012): 26% increase
Median compensation paid (% increase between 2002- 2012): 73% increase

Enough of the scary numbers. What can you do to protect yourself and your business from cost and loss?

For over forty years Bradley Australia have supplied and installed the world’s number one eyewash and drenching safety equipment. Using the latest technology in fluid dynamics, HALO covers 85 percent of the user’s face, which is more protection than any other eye/face wash model on the market.

Bradley Corporation is the only manufacturer that is third party certified to  AS 4775, ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 and each component is fully compliant with AS/NZS4020  . This is the code that can save your business.

But now we’re going further than supplying the best equipment.

In an effort to better serve Australian Business and protect them for these statistical trends, Bradley Australia have now partnered with one of the countries leading safety inspectors and certifiers.

We are now offering free site inspections and OHS risk assessment reports for a number of industries.

Contact Bradley Australia today to secure an OHS risk assessment report for your business. Don’t become one of the uninformed businesses that make up the statistical trends of the next report.

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