With the constant economic pressures on business keeping the purse strings tight on salary offerings, employers are looking to attract staff with better facilities and workplace environments that support better life balance and better living.

At the head of this shift towards greater staff retention through facilities is the provision of high quality End Of Trip facilities (EOT). No longer is it acceptable for the odd worker to get changed out of his gym gear in the carpark and lean his bike up against the pet ion to the office kitchen.

A growing number of Sydney CBD office properties now offer amenities that transform the workplace into a living community space where tenants can integrate their home and work lives as well as their ravel time in-between.

With a multitude of design variations and install options for EOT facilities, we have put together this comprehensive 7 step check list to help you deliver inspirational, cost effective solutions to your clients.


1. Bring home space to work not workspace to the bathroom
Forty years ago the change room in the local gym was designed as a place to be cleaned out weekly with the fire hose. Shoved in the corner of the basement it was a dark and damp room with a thick stench in the air. Walk into any gym today and you know that there has been a fundamental shift in this design approach. So too now, EOT facility design needs to be driven not by low cost per square metre and management efficiency, but by user functionality, accessibility and comfort.

The best EOT facilities these days aren’t merely a caged area in the carpark. An extension on the basement bathroom and a locker room bench seat won’t cut it in the workplace of the new world. With this is mind, Bradley Australia are leading the way with design and manufacture of cost effective and functional equipment and accessories that create inspirational workplaces as well as satisfying the cost and infrastructure requirements of business managers.

EOT facilities are unique in their combination of requirements – primarily wet areas (showers, basins, etc) but also heavily influenced by the need for accessibility, safety and security. Only Bradley Australia supply industry leading accessories in all these areas, which means we can make your life a whole lot easier by combining the very solutions for each area and managing their production, delivery and installation with a minimum of fuss. (link EOT related products range)

2. Big but intimate
Architects need to forever manage the balance of the end users needs and the developers budgets. Space is costly and more so in central business district addresses than anywhere. So when a new development needs to include an area that once never existed, the battle of balance is a tough one.

Bradley Australia have been studying the world’s best practices in EOT design and implementation and are building Australia’s largest integrated EOT equipment and accessories range. One of the primary focuses on this product development is space efficiency whist providing user flexibility.

Mastering this knowledge is not something that comes from looking through a catalogue, but through the experience of developing and building these spaces. Bradley Australia has a deep resource of case studies and reference material with Bradley Corp USA and a multitude of projects they have supplied appropriate EOT equipment for.

Bradley Australia’s ability and reputation for customisation is also helping them lead the industry in EOT implementation.

3. Security for my bike and my dignity
Bradley Australia’s new range of lockers are not only internationally renowned for their security, but for their madest design and style. Everyone wants their personal belongings to be secure, but they don’t want to feel like they’re in an institution at the time.

4. See me work out, don’t see me change
While people want others to see them to work out, they don’t want them to see their sweat marks-people want to feel proud of being active and fit – riding to work or walking, but they don’t want their manager seeing the sweat marks on their new lycra.
etc etc

5. Wet and dry, hot and cold.
Owners and developers want the taps to work and not beak, users want to know they have a hot shower and cold drink without feeling like they’re in an industrial plumbing factory.
Bradley Australia’s manufacturing quality control is second to none and product durability is what we built our reputation on. But over the years, this core strength of Bradley has been coated in the polished chrome of beautiful design. Residential style taps and basins help users feel like they’re at home rather than at work, but the industrial strength plumbing beneath the surface is Bradley strength through and through.

6. Clean shoes, clean mind
Great EOT facilities create a space that is not only hygienic and clear for practical items, but also helps feel good for a clean mind. Fresh air and natural light (not to mention some gentle tunes for your ears) all go towards making an EOT facility feel like a space you can relax while you’re there and not have to rush away from.

7. Positional pride
Research shows that there are two primary reasons people ride or walk to work: 1. To keep healthy and fit, and 2. To look like they’re keeping healthy and fit. It’s no surprise that when we work out we like to let people know we’re working out. It’s ok, it’s a nice thing and we should be proud. Great EOT facilities inspire better use by utilizing this insight – not hidden away on the bottom level of the carpark… Done right, these spaces will make owners, tenants and staff feel proud. With well thought out design and quality fittings, you can make an EOT space good enough to be a feature.

Over the past eighteen months, Bradley Australia have worked with some of the countries leading architects in developing world class EOT facilities and are proud to be one of the few Australian suppliers to be able to customise, supply and deliver all your requirements in a EOT Facility. From lockers to dryers, bike racks to benches, Bradley Australia is committed to working with you as your EOT design partner.

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