When leading architects Harry Seidler & Associates looked to design executive End-Of-Trip facilities in Sydney’s iconic architectural masterpiece – Grosvenor Place, they called on Bradley Australia to help them take a good long look in the mirror.

Actually, it was more of a good look in a long mirror…

A custom designed, 2.5m high, floor-to-ceiling mirror concealing a Bradley hand towel dispenser designed to fit seamlessly into the mirror clad walls of the facility’s grooming stations.

Know as the Camerino, the lavish space features air conditioning, 30 showers, over 500 lockers and space to park more than 170 bicycles.

Private shower rooms, accessible shower and toilet areas, a drying room and digital TV screens ensure the lucky tenants of Grosvenor Place start their work day off in the best way possible.

“Customising products to match the vision of architects and designers is truly one of our passions”


Grosvenor Place is entering a new era as the northern forecourt and end of trip experiences are updated to provide businesses with state of the art facilities in line with our contemporary style and pace of life.

Continuing the firm’s long and historic association with the iconic building, the architect’s vision for an inspired, luxury space was without compromise. Part of this vision was the commanding elegance of floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Bradley Australia jumped at the chance to design a customised solution for the space and are proud to be part of such a prestigious Sydney landmark.

The customised, floor-to-ceiling mirror-clad Bradley hand towel dispensers in the luxurious Grosvenor Place End-Of-Trip Facility. (So seamlessly integrated you can barely see them in the photo!)

Bradley Australia are well know for the wide range of quality washroom accessories, hand rails and safety equipment we provide. But it’s our ability to customise solutions and bring a design vision to life that has some of Australia’s leading architects call on us.

As an Australian owned family business, working together to customise, design and deliver excellence is our passion.

And one reason we’re proud to take a good look in a long mirror.

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