A little under a year ago Bradley Australia moved to new digs in Taren Point on the shores of Woolooware Bay. Fresh offices and a larger warehouse to accommodate our ever expanding range was what we wanted, a beautiful little piece of Australian history was a tasty bonus.

Last month, Sutherland Shire opened stage 6 of the Woolooware shared pathway just around the corner from our new office. With an elevated boardwalk spanning the saltmarsh and lapping waves, it’s the most stunning and scenic part of the walk, incorporating viewing platforms, ecology information and the restoration of a heritage listed oyster jetty from the 1960s.

The heritage listed oyster wharf at Woolooware bay, viewed from the new boardwalk, is an important site for the endangered Pied Oystercatchers that roost on the roof at high tide.

It’s a beautiful spot for an early morning walk where you can take in the glorious sunrise as the rays warm through the brisk winter breeze across Botany Bay. It’s not hard to see why Captain James Cook decided to stay.

But beyond the sunrise and the bay, something else captured our attention – One of the walkway’s heritage plaques tells the story of a family business from the early days of the area and their influence of innovation over their industry.

Clarence Lewis was a second generation oyster farmer and one of many in the Georges river since the 1930’s. Many of Clarence Lewis’ innovations are today accepted as common oyster farming practice. He was the first farmer to export the Sydney Rock Oyster overseas, pioneering the snap frozen method.

Clockwise from top: Relocating oyster sticks in Woolooware Bay; Loading bags of oysters for transport to distributors across Australia; Clarence Lewis’ 1938 Bedford truck loaded with tarred oyster stick; Tending oysters from a punt in Woolooware Bay.

We’re big fans of innovation and proud to also be at the leading edge of our industry with product development – particularly with our Stylishly Assisted Living range and in the safety sector with our Halo range of drench showers and eye washes.

We’re also proud to continue the tradition of Australian owned family businesses in the local area. (and just quietly, we don’t mind the odd local oyster too).

If you’re ever down our way, do yourself a favour and check out the new Woolooware shared pathway. And while you’re here drop in to our new office and say g’day.

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