The days of the rusted and dented metal locker are long gone.

Forty years ago the change room at the local pool was designed as a place to be cleaned out weekly with the fire hose. A dark and damp room with a thick stench in the air and the familiar creak of rusted and bent metal locker doors.

Walk into any gym, school locker room or city EOT facility today and you know that there has been a fundamental shift in this design approach. Design now needs to be driven not only by low cost per square metre and management efficiency, but by user functionality, durability and style.

For commercial premises in particular, with the desire for a high green star rating, creating sustainable End Of Trip facilities is a priority.

One product in particular is helping facilitate this trend, with many world class end of trip facilities and civic centres across the US now specifying and installing the Lenox Locker range from Bradley.

“Bradley’s plastic lockers have been a money saver for the district, and we have not had any maintenance problems. We’re very pleased with them”

– Anthony Hayes
Facility Manager, Chicago Park District

Constructed from corrosion-proof, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, Lenox lockers are GREENGUARD certified as a low emission material. The 100% post-consumer HDPE recycled material is more resistant to scratching, impact denting and rust and carries a 20 year warranty so tidying up your locker room this time will last.

To top it off you’ll also be helping to clean up the environment, with each Lenox locker responsible for keeping approximately 500 milk jugs out of landfill.

With a variety of styles, configurations and colour options available, the innovative lockers can be adapted to perfectly suit any project. Find out more on how Lenox lockers can tidy up your latest project.

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