Australian Workers Compensation payouts have skyrocketed over the last decade as we follow America’s alarming trend in no-win no-fee litigation. If you’re running a business, protecting yourself from this kind of litigation is paramount for survival.

When seeking compensation, lawyers are looking for the easy close and the easiest is non-compliance of WHS requirements.

Australian businesses operating in the construction, mining, agricultural and industrial sectors are at the highest risk with multiple on-site hazardous chemicals and materials. Having a compliant eye-wash and drench shower installed on site is the first step to protecting your business, but there is one often overlooked loophole which may be eluding your compliance.

Non-compliance of WHS requirements and equipment can be the most dangerous liability in business, rendering insurances and protections void.

With so many Australian businesses operating over large sites and multiple remote sites, when chemicals are present, the only way to remain compliant in all areas of operation is with a portable eyewash station.

Bradley’s on-site portable gravity-fed eyewash is the ultimate safety fixture for your workers and your business. With three mounting options including the customised transportable waste cart, whenever there are hazardous chemicals on the move, you now have your compliance moving with you.

If you’re managing large industrial sites, multiple remote sites or a fleet transporting chemicals, it’s time you got moving with compliance.

Bradley On-site Portable Gravity-Fed Eyewash Station

For over forty years Bradley Australia have supplied and installed the world’s number one eyewash and drenching safety equipment. Using the latest technology in fluid dynamics, HALO covers 85 percent of the user’s face, which is more protection than any other eye/face wash model on the market.

Bradley Australia’s emergency fixtures comply to AS4775.2007 and tested to AS4020, but now we’re going further than supplying the best equipment.

In an effort to better serve Australian Business and protect them for these statistical trends, Bradley Australia are now offering free site inspections and WHS risk assessment reports for a select number of industries.

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